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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 5, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the President of the German Bishops' Conference

Bishop Dr. Georg Baetzing

Limburg/ Worldwide

Luebeck, 3 January 2022

New Year Speech in the Matter.

Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding persons!

Dear Bishop Baetzing, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Clergy and Dear Readers,

Regrettably, my person can no longer accept Bishop Baetzing's New Year's speech and the lecture at the follow-up service in this way without criticism.

In terms of content, one could subscribe to everything, but the overall picture, for example of the politicians addressed or not mentioned, was simply missing, as usual, and the coherent world events or actions, which always move between heaven and earth, were missing.

It is a bit little from a bishop who knows the Bible to say that we human beings should thank God for everything he has done for us and is doing for us, listing the sad events in families through the world events of the past year, but not even thinking of publicly questioning the causes or at least the reasons for these sad events, by also erasing the Revelation of John from his memory.

Did he want or does he possibly want to advocate a "continuing like this" in this sense, in that also our Lord God has to put up with more and more suffering, which will lead HIM far beyond the horizon and further and further away?

As an example, he mentioned the retiring Chancellor and one of the hymns chosen at her public farewell, "Great God, we praise you", which she had wished for as a well-paid and powerful woman with a long and interesting job as Chancellor coming from an actively Protestant parental home.

Of course, the mentions of Judaism and anti-Semitism and the call for a common togetherness could not be missing in his follow-up speech at the service, because when all is said and done  it is a topic that occupied the Federal President F.-W. Steinmeier repeatedly and sustainably during his term in office.

And now my person will make up for what the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference clearly failed to do, as he quite obviously did not dare to criticise politics or individual politicians, presumably in order to be able to continue to lead a pleasant and respected life through the status of a German bishop, by also telling the current politicians what they want to hear through a certain shrewdness and, if necessary, striving for a middle way or compromise, even if the Ten Commandments or celibacy were to be attacked or violated once again.

This and much more is simply too sleazy, too dirty and connected with too much slyness and with too much cowardice for my person. For this, the Lord God has certainly not appointed his successor, his pastoral stuff and his Authorities, consisting of three persons, for the end of time!

One could almost think that you, Bishop Baetzing, were elected as president of the German Bishops' Conference precisely by this zeitgeist of a cunning ability to compromise by all the other bishops mentioned here, because this cunning and cowardice is still clearly reflected in the matter here in my home town today!

When a German Chancellor is discharged after sixteen years, one can gladly point out what she has achieved and what she has distinguished, especially in foreign-policy, and that was not little, but what went on in domestic policy, that must not go unmentioned and that must not continue under any circumstances!

In the last fifteen years of Mrs A. Merkel's term of office in Germany alone, according to statistics, almost three million human lives have been aborted, and that has nothing to do with a belief in God, but clearly has something in common with a belief in oneself, and as an alibi function one then also publicly puts forward the Lord God at the end of the day!

Of course, my person wonders how many human lives have already been aborted or killed in our neighbouring countries or in the whole of Europe and will also be missing in Asia and in the USA as well as in Latin America and all over the world.

And if you, Bishop, mentioned the outgoing Chancellor in your New Year's speech, why did you, as a Roman Catholic bishop, not also necessarily mention the new Chancellor and his team, some of whom took the oath for political office without God's help?

Why did you not question this in the New Year's speech at the latest, or why did you leave it unmentioned?

What disadvantages would you and your bishops have suffered as a result if you had made it clear to the congregation that we Germans again have such a great chancellor named Scholz who, without God's help, is capable of leading a nation in such difficult times? !

Is it the many cases of abuse that have now muzzled you and everyone else or are you already checkmated?

Why don't you question the background and the striking multitude of abuse cases especially of the two big Christian churches? Why not?

There must be a reason, a trigger and certain connections or at least a cause!

Surely, a true clergyman who has been affected can hardly have burdened himself with studies and many heavy burdens of life, so that in the end he can severely damage other mostly defenceless people in this form, by thereby also having knowingly and clearly changed sides!

Who in particular have you and other bishops allowed to become so great behind the background? Who? And why do you and others as a rule now use your shrewdness but not your intelligence?

You can also beat the devil with his own weapons, but then you must always be able to make an essential difference clear, otherwise the devil has gained the upper hand over a person and especially when the person moves close to the interface of the change of sides between "good and evil" or has to move as a clergyman!

My person only gives the devil the little finger, but not the whole hand, even if he has been laughing for a long time and makes a big haul daily and I would wish the same from others preferably clergy from your ranks, because that is what matters!

Regrettably, this letter will have to be sent around the globe so that each of the clergy or the scholars will slowly but surely begin to name or title the perpetrator of the many ills that you partly mentioned in your New Year's speech and not just blame the Lord God for everything who gave man the Ten Commandments, a free will and a free and rich mind!

Come to yourself and look around on all sides, then you and others may notice that you and the majority of mankind are held firmly in the grip of the devilish Zeitgeist and if it is only the monthly fat salary you and others receive for your performance or omissions and do not want to bet on the end of the dirty game!

Yours sincerely Ursula Sabisch


HP: It does no good to the person of today in a responsible leadership position, and especially in church and politics, if too high a salary is advertised, which makes those concerned muzzled or out of touch with reality.

Note: Wealth belongs where a recognisable achievement is evident to all people between heaven and earth, which excludes any hypocrisy!